Consecutive twin primes.

all at all at
Tue Sep 16 01:20:02 CEST 2003


I just submitted

%S A087641 5 9419 909287 325267931 
%N A087641 Start of the first string of exactly n consecutive pairs of
twin primes. 
%e A087641 a(6)=325267931 is the starting point of the first occurrence
of 6 consecutive 
pairs of twin primes: (325267931 325267933)(325267937 325267939) 
(325267949 325267951)(325267961 325267963) 
(325267979 325267981)(325267991 325267993). 
%Y A087641 Cf. A001359, a(3)=first term of A035791, a(4)=first term of
a(5)=first term of A087286. 
%O A087641 3

Anyone interested in extending it?


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