stars sequences

Ralf Stephan ralf at
Thu Sep 18 15:51:15 CEST 2003

There are two sequences related to these astronomical objects

%N A072171 Number of stars of visual magnitude n.
%N A053406 Number of stars brighter than visual magnitude n-1.

One would expect the latter being the (shifted) partial sums
of the former but this is not even remotely so:

A072171 2,6,14,71,190,610,1292,5946,17765,51094,140062,409194,1196690,3481113,
A072171 10126390,29457184,85689537,249266759,725105060,2109295881,6135840666,
A072171 17848866544 (starting n=-1)

A053406 1,4,15,49,172,511,1600,4968,15328,40858,82484,106963,114376,116592,
A053406 117100,117127,117128,117129 (starting n=0)

Can someone clarify?


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