[seqfan] Re: Recursive Sequence: Highest(etc) Prime Divisors

Olivier Gerard ogerard at ext.jussieu.fr
Fri Sep 19 08:46:32 CEST 2003

Le 18, Leroy Quet écrivait:
> [resending this. has not appeared an hour after I first sent it.]
> I wrote:

Dear Leroy,

this was not a good idea.

The internet mail architecture is working reasonably well these days
considering the load and the original context of the SMTP proposal but
delays can occur.

a - you should try to resend a message if

	+ you have received a direct rejection from the mailing robot
	(look then at your From/Reply-To fields before sending,
	this is the most common cause, it should look exactly as it was
	when you subscribed. Ask me directly if you have troubles.)
	- your mail software or your mail relay has informed you of a *fatal*
	error of the sending request.
	The second most common cause is the intervention of an IP-based
	anti-spam block somewhere between you and Jussieu network.
	- you have not received the message back from the list in 4 days
	(the average retry period of most mail hubs and relays between
	your ISP and my University's information systems).

b - discussions on seqfan can very well accomodate hours and days
between posts. Mathematics and numbers won't go away from our universe
that fast. And we are not in a race.

If I look at the headers of the copy I received, there was only a few
minutes processing between your ISP mailhub (mindspring) and my mailbox
(which is of course on the same machine as the mailing robot).



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