Extend Sequence A005966 - trivalent planar multigraphs with 2n nodes

Paul D. Hanna pauldhanna at juno.com
Mon Dec 13 07:34:47 CET 2004

Would someone be able to supply more terms of this sequence?
URL:       http://www.research.att.com/projects/OEIS?Anum=A005966
Sequence:  1,2,5,17,71,357
Name:      Number of trivalent planar multigraphs with 2n nodes.
References A. T. Balaban, ed., Chemical Applications of Graph Theory, Ac.
              1976, p. 92.
Keywords:  nonn,more
I have encountered a sequence that begins with these terms 
and I would like to know if they are the same (though unlikely). 
If so, the next few terms would be: 
Is there a g.f. for such sequences?
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