PrimeFan's Listing of Esoteric Integer Sequences

Alonso Del Arte alonso.delarte at
Thu Dec 30 20:57:15 CET 2004

When I interviewed Neil Sloane for the WSU student newspaper article
about the 100K milestone,
I asked him whether there were any competitors or imitators to the
OEIS. He replied no to both. Given the breadth and authoritativeness
of the OEIS (almost every Mathworld article and every Wikipedia
article about mathematical topics cites the OEIS) there can be no
serious competitors. But there can be serious imitators.

One of which I've recently become aware is PrimeFan's Listing of
Esoteric Integer Sequences,
(, to
which I've even contributed a sequence (powers of 2 written in base
47). I'm of course proud of the sequences I have contributed to the
OEIS, but I do get a kick out of having submitted such an impractical
sequence to an OEIS imitator.

I remember a SeqFan member recently started up a similar imitator to
the OEIS (or maybe an imitator of PrimeFan's listing, making it an
imitiation of an imitation) but they did not give a URL.


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