Perfect number on Z[i]

y.kohmoto zbi74583 at
Tue Dec 28 02:49:57 CET 2004

    Edwin Clark wrote :
    >I don't know the details but one paper you may find of interest is

    >McDaniel, Wayne L.
    >Perfect Gaussian integers.
    >Acta Arith. 25 (1973/74), 137--144.

    Thank you for the information.

    >Here's the abstract of the McDaniel paper in case you do not have easy
access to MathSciNet:

    I don't have easy access.
    I don't know MathSciNet.
    What is it?

   By the way, you wrote the abstract of Wayne's Paper, but it is
impossible for me to  read .
   What kind of code is it ?       

    Correction :
    I lacked  parentheses.
    GPN                           m
    (1+i)*(2+i)                    1+2i ,
    (1+i)*(2+i)*(1+2i)             2+2i ,
    (1+i)^2 *(4+i)*(2+3)           3 ,
    (1+i)^2 *(4+i)*(2+3i)* 3       4 ,
    (1+i)^3 *(2+i)*(1+2i)          3+3i ,
    (1+i)^3 *(2+i)*(1+2i)* 3       4+4i ,
    (1+i)^4 *(10+3i)*(2+i)*(1+2i)   1+5i


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