Alcuin's Sequence

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Dear SeqFan,

some days ago I forwarded a request from Hermann Kremer, regarding
sequence A005044. In the meantime he received help and did a lot
of research. Here is a compilation of his findings:
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Here is the central statement of his posting above:

In 1993, Dominic Olivastro published the book

  D. Olivastro: Ancient Puzzles. Classic Brainteasers and 
  Other Timeless Mathematical Games of the Last 10 Centuries.
  New York: Bantam Books, 1993

and in the chapter on fair sharing problems he introduced the 
sequence of the number of solutions for different values of  N,  
which he called A_q, "... in honour of Alcuin ...".

Following Olivastro's hommage to Alcuin, Neil Sloane seems to 
have coined the name "Alcuin's sequence" for the OEIS, and from 
there it found its way into Eric Weissteins "Mathworld".

Thanks to Jutta Gut and Francisco Salinas for their help.

The posting contains a lot of references.

Best regards
Rainer Rosenthal
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