y.kohmoto zbi74583 at boat.zero.ad.jp
Thu Jun 24 07:46:21 CEST 2004

    Hugo, Jim.
    Thank you very much for many informations about randomness.
    I will read the description about DIEHARD.

>   In addition to all of Hugo Pfoertner's suggestions, there is a neat
> measure of randomness related to incompressibility (which has obvious
> applications in the field of data compression.) This is commonly discussed
> in the context of Kolmogorov complexity.

   I was interested in these words "neat measure of randomness related to
   I mean only the words, because I have no knowledge about deta compression
at all.

    I want to read  "TAOCP, 3rd Edition, Vol.2, Chapter 3.5 "What is a
random sequence?", Pages 149--183 " .
    But, what is "TAOCP" ?

    I wonder if the descriptions which you recommended are easy enough for a
amateur mathematician.

    I want to know if some sequences which I am researching is random or
    And I want to know if my algorithm is good or not.

    Is there any instant and easy method to test if a sequence has some
    Sorry, I might be saying an impossible thing.


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