PartitionsP[n + 1]*PartitionsP[n]

Marc LeBrun mlb at
Tue Mar 2 22:25:06 CET 2004

 >=wouter meeussen
 > by the way, the simple [PartitionsP[n + 1]*PartitionsP[n]...]
 > is not yet in EIS, and superseeker can't find it.
 > Should it be in?

Of course.  The litmus test is easy: you found it interesting enough to 
check with superseeker and ask seqfan about, so by definition, submission 
is indicated:

   "Since the mid-1960's Neil Sloane has been collecting integer sequences 
from every possible source. His goal is to have ALL interesting number 
sequences in the table."

Nearly every sequence that manages to attract active human notice will pass 
this test.  True, every now and then a bad sequence crops up, 
which--despite your every effort and solicitous lavished attention--is so 
aggressively boring that it makes your eyes glaze over with ennui.  If such 
a sequence is sufficiently uninteresting as to induce narcolepsy, or its 
contemplation causes lacunae of "missing time" in your memory, then of 
course, as a public service you should choose to omit it.  But in all other 
wise, submission is indicated.

The vast majority of UNinteresting sequences are those whose *only* 
apparent defining identity is as a typical member of a large and basically 
trivial class of essentially similar sequences.  If it has any sort of 
distinctive character at all, and was not simply "ground out" by a 
disinterested generator, submission is indicated.

If it would be intriguing or suggestive were it to be returned as a 
nontrivial result by a superseeker query, submission is indicated.

If it engaged you enough to spend more than a trice on it, submission is 

So go gladly forth, accept your A-numbers as they are given unto you, and 
may the blessings the OEIS, Islam of databases, be upon you.

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