Nice example for superseeker, Collatz conjecture

Pfoertner, Hugo Hugo.Pfoertner at
Thu Mar 11 09:47:06 CET 2004


sometimes superseeker really produces an overwhelming amount of results
giving a lot of insight into relations between sequences in OEIS. Today I
found an amazing example by asking superseeker for an existing sequence
lookup 5 21 85 341 1365 5461 21845 87381
(3*n+1 is a power of 2) which was discussed by Ernst Jung, Hermann Kremer
and others in a thread "Collatzsche Vermutung" (Collatz conjecture) in the
German newsgroup de.sci.mathematik. The results:
are a nice demonstration of the power of superseeker.

BTW, for those of you who can read German, the contribution of Hermann
Kremer on the Collatz iteration is really worthwhile reading:
Quite a lot of sequences is hidden in this article. We should try to win
Hermann as a contributor to the OEIS ;-)


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