Sequential Squares -- A005842

Ed Pegg Jr edp at
Tue Mar 30 08:50:09 CEST 2004

> There is no indication anywhere of whether these are proven values, or 
> "best currently known" values.
> It would be really useful if this kind of information were 
> incorporated into the entries so that viewers know the boundaries 
> between knowledge and research problem...
> Should there be an explicit *required field* for this information? I 
> thought that originally Neil only wanted sequences of proven values, 
> but obviously many sequences violate this... 

Probably.  But this is one of Neil's original sequences.  It looks like 
a rare mistake
by Martin Gardner and R K Guy.  If not for Shigeyoshi's clever solution, 
this error
might have remained for decades.

--Ed Pegg Jr

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