100000th Sequence...And an error

Sam Handler shandler at Macalester.edu
Sat Nov 13 18:51:57 CET 2004

I noticed that, sometime in the past 12 hours, the number of sequences in 
the OEIS hit 100,000 (see the counter on the search page).

But there appears to be a problem. I cannot access the sequence! An attempt 
to load the text file "Part 100" from the full database page returns a 404 
error. Furthermore, if one searches for the "preview" sequence listed on 
that page for Part 100 (1,9,73,201,457,969,9161,140233,402377,2499529...) 
it will not be found in the database.

So while I would like to be able to view the 100,000th sequence added to 
the database, I cannot!


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