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Thu Nov 25 04:07:03 CET 2004


    Permit  me to write something which is not related with sequence.
    To say exactly, a little relationship with A020955  exists.

    Dear Seqfans
    I really want your advice.

    I don't feel any discrimination about an amateur mathematician in the
communities  of Number theorists or Graph theorists.
    Sometimes I posted "unusual" mails like "Negation of Fermat's theorem
does not contradict to ZF's Axioms" to Number theory mailing list, but the
moderator didn't expel me.

    Neil Sloane invited me to Seqfans mailing list though he know well about

    But two famous mailing lists of set theory rejected me against my
proposition of subscription..
    The reasons why they refused me seemed to be that they think me to be a
mad mathematician.

    I don't mind whatever they think but it is a little inconvenient for me,
because it became to be  impossible to discuss my set theory "Free Class"
with some set theorists.

    So, I would like to ask you some questions.

    o I know the member of Seqfans are Number theorists, and is there anyone
who studies also set theory and might discuss with me by a mail?

    o Or do you have any friend who is a set theorist and do you introduce
me to him?

    o Does any difference exist between Number theorists' community and Set
theorists' one?

    o Do you know any Set theory Mailing list which is not so precious?


    A summary of "Free Class" is available on my home page.
    Classes in "Free Class"  might not be classes that mathematicians say,
because the definition is different.
    I think "Free Class" theory is a good tool for researching set theories,
though it is not a "Class" theory.

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