100000th Sequence...And an error

Sam Handler shandler at Macalester.edu
Sun Nov 14 01:23:39 CET 2004

--On Saturday, November 13, 2004 1:02 PM -0800 Eugene McDonnell 
<eemcd at mac.com> wrote:

> On Nov 13, 2004, at 9:51 AM, Sam Handler wrote:
>> I noticed that, sometime in the past 12 hours, the number of sequences
>> in the OEIS hit 100,000 (see the counter on the search page).
>> But there appears to be a problem. I cannot access the sequence! An
>> attempt to load the text file "Part 100" from the full database page
>> returns a 404 error. Furthermore, if one searches for the "preview"
>> sequence listed on that page for Part 100
>> (1,9,73,201,457,969,9161,140233,402377,2499529...) it will not be
>> found in the database.
>> So while I would like to be able to view the 100,000th sequence added
>> to the database, I cannot!
>> --Sam
> I am able to see sequence 100000 by loading the opening page of OEIS and
> selecting search by sequence number and entering 100000.
> Eugene McDonnell

The problem, however, is as follows: there are sequences in the database 
that cannot be accessed by searching for them. For example:

-Go to <http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/Seis.html#FULL>

-Scroll down to the link to Part 100.

-Note the sequence next to the link.

-Try to look up that sequence in the database. The search will not return 
any results.

Now, we know the sequence is in the database, but we cannot find it. That 
is the problem I was alluding to earlier, not the sequence A100000.

Incidentally, note that the sequence A100000 was not the 100,000th sequence 
to be added to the database. When the sequence A100000 was added, the 
database was still about 500 sequences short of 100,000. It is only in the 
last 24 hours or so that the database has actually reached 100,000 
sequences, and we have run into this problem.

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