Perhaps, a strange property of Pell and friends.

Marc LeBrun mlb at
Mon Nov 22 03:02:23 CET 2004

 > creigh at
 > Unless new sequences ... are defined, this would make for quite
 > a long "Comment" ... Any tips?

Don't be shy about adding more sequences, nor long comments.

There's no reason to minimize the number of sequences.  Remember, Neil's 
stated goal is "ALL interesting sequences".  Certainly you find the whole 
family interesting enough to send a long eMail about, so they pass that 
test!  Also, remember that programs as well as people search the 
database.  Submitting a family of related sequences may increase the 
likelihood of some future "hit".

You might want to put a single longer explanatory comment on just one 
"master" sequence, and have the rest cross-reference it.

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