COMMENT on A097928, A097929, A0979230 & A097931.

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Wed Sep 8 15:31:04 CEST 2004

Hi Robert et al

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>	Here are four sequences which I have worked on. In all cases, I added the
>Mathematica coding and extended the sequence. Also I am having a problem 
>his hyper link; it goes to a member's only area and many of us simply do 
>wish to be members of yet an other "Bill Gates" consortium.

I agree Yahoo has done the same thing. I have made a page in the msn groups 
named pari.

Try this link. I logged on in another computer as another user and it 
worked. When you do the
copy, you will have to highlight with the mouse and use Ctrl c to effect the 
copy. I tried to put
ths note in the text but Bill's Masterpiece kept page not founding me.

The Msn page maker is really a pain. To do this page I had to convert to 
plain text to save it
because  in rich text it returns "too big" and guess what, if you did not 
copy what you did, well
thanks Bill the work was lost. I don't under stand this as I have 30 meg of 
storage and 2 gigs in
my email account for 19.95 per year (so far)

I find these utilities quite useful on the day to day usage of Pari. I 
particularly like the string
functions. ispal(n) is a good one too. Eg.,

(08:12) gp > ispal(12345678987654321)
%1 = 1
(08:12) gp >

I cc'd the seq fans. If anyone has utilities to add or improvements please 
send them to me and
i will update the page. Optimizations are welcome. I am working in the 
windows version so I am
not compiling the gp code but taking it as is from the pari site. The Pari 
folks view this as feature
creep but I don't. Re-inventing the wheel also is a thief of time.

The fact Pari is free is a good thing. I spent $800 on mathematica several 
years ago and am not
elgible for any discount now. Also I am retired and do not want to pay the 
big price for it now. I do
not understand why students can get it for $100 or so and poor old me can't. 
Do studen's have to
fogive the rights when they leave school?
(end rant)

Thanks for all your work,


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