Quaternion Factor Space Sequences, Update to "FAMP"

creigh at o2online.de creigh at o2online.de
Thu Sep 9 14:22:26 CEST 2004

The program "FAMP" has been updated to cover
some (but not all) of the (mostly important) sequences found. 
It can be downloaded directly from the page:

For example, to locate the sequence 
on FAMP,
1. java MelAlice (to start the program)
2. From the options menu, choose 
"Braided, perfect square... "
3. Substitue -1 for m in the top row corresponding to the 
Floretion "A". 
4. Punch the buttons A and then B. 
5. From the pull-down menu, choose "ves seq" or "tes seq", etc.
6. Notice that I have also placed hints into some of the boxes to 
help out. Unfortunately, it is somewhat inconvienent to scroll
inside of the text boxes.  (the above part of this 
message will also be posted to sci.math) 


Next time you start a conversation on seqfans try to think of a more 
informative name for the subject :-) After all, ALL postings to this 
mailing list are about sequences. 

You need not worry about making it too long. A too long "subject" is 
better than a too short one. 


Dear Edwin, 

I don't think any Segfan could possibly disagree with you here. I'll 
be more descriptive from now on.


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