Offsets of tables

Alexandre Wajnberg alexandre.wajnberg at
Tue Jul 5 01:40:35 CEST 2005

About the rules to follow in order to establish correctly the offsets 
in general, may be a kind of "way of use" or "instructions for use" 
would be very useful!
...somewhere around the "Contribute new seq" file (are the informations 
allready available there really sufficient? More exemples would be 


Le mardi, 28 jun 2005, à 02:04 Europe/Brussels, Franklin T. 
Adams-Watters a écrit :

> This seems to be the dominant usage at this point, but I think it's 
> not the best possible answer.  I think the best answer would be to 
> show *all* the indices of the first element.  So, if the first row is 
> row 1, and the first element in that row has index 0, it would be 
> "1,0".
> I realize that this might break some tools, but it seems to me that 
> providing more (useful) information is the more important 
> consideration - and tools can be modified.
> "Robert G. Wilson v" <rgwv at> wrote:
>>    To clarify, it is the index, and not the value of, the first
>> variable. If it is a linear sequence, this is fairly straight forward.
>> When it comes to a table, it should be the row index of the first row
>> presented.
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