126040, nothing found but maybe to look for sections in a law book in NZ or the bible.

Simon Plouffe simon.plouffe at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 1 05:28:53 CEST 2005


I searched the OEIS database (integer sequence) and nothing
came out which is of possible signifiance.

Google searching gave nothing as well, 1976 is pretty old
and could only refer to something meaningful at that time
and place. It only refers to a particular type of video cable
which does not make any sense for 1976.

To search for 12-60-40 or .126040 or 12.60.40 on the net gives
too many pages that are of random signifiance : this leads nowhere.

The only thing I see that could lead to something is a possible
relationship with some section or passage in a book like
the bible. 126040 means nothing in the bible BUT 12-60-40 or 12.60.40
could be a section of a large book.

The other possibility could be something related to legal sections
of a particular law in New-Zealand. That type of numbering is
common in law books, they usually do not refer to pages but to sections.

Maybe in Shakespeare ? or Ulysses ? they used to count the words or
phrases in a particular way, maybe it is a lead.

If we think in terms of the murderer, it could be a birth date
(written backward) 04/06/21 that would make the person of about 55
years of age at that time. This is a possibility, that could be 
something that a person could write on a paper or wall rapidly
without thinking too much about it. Unless the murderer thought that
he (or she) could write down a stupid number on the wall to mislead
the police...

I have a novel here that is made around that idea, of course it is
only a book but we have seen lots of films and books with
murderers fooling around with numbers, maybe the criminal knew about
that subject and thought of any number and wrote it down on the wall
just to make believe in something, this is not a new thing, it has been
around for a long time, agatha christie and hitchcock were common in 
those years.

Of course, in all this I presume that the local police made the usual
thing, that is : to look around for an address, a phone number, a 
certain amount of money, usual trivial things related to that number
at that place at that moment. A bank account, the serial number of
an item.

Simon Plouffe
Montréal, Canada

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