More Primal Code Sequences

Franklin T. Adams-Watters franktaw at
Sat Jul 9 04:10:16 CEST 2005

Jon Awbrey <jawbrey at> wrote:

>%S A109297 1,2,9,12,18,40,112,125,250,352,360,540,600,675,832,
>%T A109297 1008,1125,1350,1500,2176,2250
>%N A109297 Primal codes of finite permutations on positive integers.
>%I A109298
>%S A109298 1,2,9,18,125,250,1125,2250,2401,4802,21609,43218,300125,600250,
>%T A109298 2701125,5402250
>%N A109298 Primal codes of finite idempotent functions on positive integers.

If you're going to do these, you should also do primal codes that are permutations of 1..k for some k.  E.g., 9 would be excluded because 2:2 skips 1.
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