Henry Gould gould at
Tue Nov 1 19:18:38 CET 2005

Hello ALL
About two weeks ago I had a massive computer hard drive failure when I 
appeared to have lost 23,000 files in 4 Gigabytes of data. After a week 
the computer people were able to get all the files out of the old hard 
drive and they will use the machine (iMac G3) for parts. The data was 
then put onto a DVD disk for safe-keeping and they got me a new G4 Mac 
Cube computer and also a separate back-up hard drive that backs up 
everything once a day. And now I have the added ability to do LaTex, PDF 
files, DVI, PS, new Excel, videos, younameit, and piles of other stuff. 
I just have to learn how to do all those things now. So now at age 77+ I 
guess I am back in Kindergarten! Oy weh iz mir!
A bientot,
Henry Gould

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