trouble with the "Submit Comments or New Sequences" web pag

Leroy Quet qq-quet at
Mon Nov 7 21:16:11 CET 2005

Neil (and whomever else it may concern):

Do you know how long the problem with sequences not reaching Neil has 
been going on?

I have sent in a lot of sequences over the years, and it wouldn't be 
practical to check the look-up to find out if any out of all of them did 
not appear in the database.
But I could check, say, the last couple of months' worth of sequences I 
sent to make sure they appeared in the database.

It seems from some seqfan emails on this issue that those authors whose 
sequences are rejected because of a "virus" will get a rejection email or 
message on the web-page saying there was a virus and the email cannot be 

Is this the case? For I have never gotten such a message, and would like 
to believe I can breath easy.

Leroy Quet

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