Matrices for binary relations? Fwd: TOPIC:Sequences

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sounds like Set Partitions and Bell Numbers.
The binary matrix looks like the non-attacking rooks picture of those Set Partitions.

BellList[1] = {{{1}}}; (* the basic case *)

BellList[n_Integer?Positive] := BellList[n] = (* do some caching *)
    Flatten[      Join[
        Map[ReplaceList[#,{S__}->{S,{n}}]&, BellList[n-1]],
        Map[ReplaceList[#,{b___,{S__},a___}->{b,{S,n},a}]&, BellList[n-1]]],


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With Kristjan's permit, I'll post his question to the list:
If you reply, please include his address s040321 at
on the To:-line, as he is not a memeber of SeqFan-list.

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Hi Antti,
I am working on my M.Sc. thesis in electrical engineering at DTU in Denmark and I got stuck in a combinatorial problem. I need to generate a number of alternative solutions that will later be examined for feasibility. Since I saw your name on the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, I thought you might have a hint for me. The problem formulation I am facing is the following:  
Given are n objects x1…xn and binary relational matrix FRij. The objects are to be assigned to slots where each slot can contain one or more objects. Two objects x i and xj can only exist in the same slot if their relation is given with FRij = 1. FRij = 1 does not force the objects into the same slot. How many alternative assignments are possible? 
Moreover: Which algorithm can be used to efficiently find all alternative assignments?  
Do you have a hint on how to approach a solution, where to find www resources or other hints?
Best regards,
Kristján Haukur Flosason s040321 

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