two tips for OEIS contributors

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Sun Apr 2 20:36:24 CEST 2006

Two small tips.

1. If you are sending in a formula or comment,
what I need are these lines:

%I A123456
%S A123456 (just the first few terms, unless you are extending a sequence)
   - as a sanity check
%C A123456 or %F or %e The new stuff
%A A123456 Your name (email address)

Don't reproduce other lines if they don't need to be changed

It is easy for me to ADD new lines. 
CHANGING lines requires MUCH more work!
So if you are adding a formula, use a new %F line.

If you are extending a sequence, give all the terms,
not just the new terms.
If it is a signed sequence, just give the signed version in %S lines
(my program will handle the signs correctly)

2. When you submit a new sequence, always check in a few
days and make sure it was entered correctly.
Many things can go wrong (bad line breaks, typing errors, etc.)



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