Early Goodbyes

Alexandre Wajnberg alexandre.wajnberg at skynet.be
Tue Apr 4 14:42:11 CEST 2006

Hi Seqfans, 

I'm shocked and moved by David's statement. He has this courage and openness
to address us, so by discretion, sticking to a strictly OEIS point of view,
a few questions:
-What is worse, today, for OEIS?! To get invaded by (later on controlable)
spammers? Or to loose (not knowing when he'll comes back) one of its pilars?
-after a lot of necessary debates, would we be uncapable of adding some
fruitfull ideas/connexions/ways to help our fellow of the OEIS?

Normally this is not the place for such a discussion, but anything regarding
OEIS life is worth to be discussed here (in our *community*). Where else

To begin a think tank ‹ and with apologies to David, so doing, giving the
impression one substitutes oneself for his freedom ‹ here are some naive
ideas, in the hope they'll start the ball rowling (still in favor of oeis):
-does anyone knows of a vacant place to teach maths or computing in an/his
-does anyone knows of a vacant place to work as mathematician or specialist
in computing in an/his industry?
-Is it unbelievable for seqfans to become "patron of maths" for a few
months? (the time D. finds a solution). If we are enough to give/lend a few
bucks/euros each month, it could add enough oxygen. A neutral person could
centralize the information about the money potentially gathered before to
deliver it. Sort of math solidarity gesture...


> De : David Wilson <davidwwilson at comcast.net>
> Date : Mon, 3 Apr 2006 22:21:05 -0400
> À : Math-Fun <math-fun at mailman.xmission.com>, Sequence Fans
> <seqfan at ext.jussieu.fr>
> Objet : Early Goodbyes
> I lost my last computer job on April 11, 2002.  I have not been able to break
> back into the industry since, I have only been able to find temporary work.
> At 
> the moment, I'm working at a supermarket deli.  My forays into teaching and
> medical transcription have come up empty.
> Today, the strain broke my marriage.  On my desk beside me sit my wife's
> engagement ring, hers and my wedding ring in a pile.  After the divorce, I
> will 
> have no car, no lodging, and will not be earning enough to keep myself alive.
> I 
> certainly won't have Internet, so my chances of ever getting another decent
> job 
> are now officially nil.
> It was nice knowing you all.
> --------------------------------
> - David Wilson 

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