Roland Bacher Roland.Bacher at
Tue Apr 4 17:16:12 CEST 2006

Dear David Wilson,

Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to your problems.
However, keep a little hope: even somebody as incompetent as
G.W. Bush finished with a job in your country. It is
generally harder for smarter people but surely not
a proven impossibility.

Good luck,   Roland Bacher

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 09:55:23AM -0400, David Wilson wrote:
> I'm not a mathematician.  I got a B.A. CS/Math from Cornell in 1978.  I do 
> not have a sufficient degree for a university position.  I do not have the 
> wherewithal to go back to school.
> I'm a computer programmer, and back in the day when employers wanted 
> intelligent people who could solve problems, I had no lack of work.  But 
> now they want 14 skills, a Master's degree, 8 references, proof of recent 
> accomplishments, and an energetic personality (read young and willing to 
> put in long hours), and oh yes, local candidates only.  I can't break 
> through the barriers.
> I've done everything humanly possible to secure a decent income.  I've 
> redone my resume professionally, worked with placement firms, updated my 
> online profiles every week, tried networking, business cards, direct 
> calling, the whole nine yards.  I've looked all over the country.  I tried 
> to get into teaching, but No-Child-Left-Behind means that I cannot get a 
> position ahead of a teacher with experience and credentials.  I spent $2500 
> on a course in medical transcription, but those jobs have all left for 
> India.  The competition is fierce in every quarter.
> In the past, I have posted here looking for help.  This is not a post for 
> help. I don't need any more opportunities, suggestions or chin-ups.  I'm 
> starving in a sea of those.  I posted to say goodbye. My life as a human 
> being that matters is over. 

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