[math-fun] Very important moment coming up momentarily

Alexandre Wajnberg alexandre.wajnberg at skynet.be
Wed Apr 5 23:34:21 CEST 2006

>> Of course! The 4th may 06 in the morning.
>> And later on, all over US, be prepared for march 5th 2008, at 01h 01'02".
> Ahaha, gotcha! I didn't get it in the past message...
> g.

And what about the tenth of july 2013 for a Special "Night of the Prims", at
the London's Royal Albert Hall! including 5 seconds of silence two hours and
three minutes after midnight?!
Music, art of the time, art of maths!
(In Europe, it will be the night from 6 to 7th of november 2013 at 02h

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