%N A117619 a(n) = n^2 + 7 with a(0) = 7.

Alexandre Wajnberg alexandre.wajnberg at skynet.be
Sat Apr 8 17:08:52 CEST 2006

> Dear all,
> After so long and hot discussion
> about OEIS, 
> we have new sequences as this one:
> %S A117619 7,8,11,16,23,32,43,56,71,88,107,128,151,
> <skip>
> %N A117619 a(n) = n^2 + 7 with a(0) = 7.
> %e A117619 If n=1 then n^2 + 7 = 1^2 + 7 = 8 which is
> the second term.
> Could anyone please explain
> what is the meaning of it?
> Thanks, Zak

The author, not member of Seqfan, is not aware of our hot discussions.

"Folks,  I am drowning in email.  7000 new ones
while I was away."

and I wonder how Neil, with 7000 mails late, could filter all these

This raises the necessity to well inform the new submitters about the spirit
of the base. 
Idea: a "Chart" or "User's manual" which should be signed by oeis submitters
(specially by the newcomers), before they send in.
(or harder: an access code delivered in defined conditions?)
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