Recurrence relation for A043569?

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Sat Apr 22 02:53:57 CEST 2006

This sequence is twice A023758.  Take a look at the formulas there.
If you want to generate them in order, take differences of powers of 2, with the lower powers in reverse order:
2^2-2^1, 2^3-2^1, 2^3-2^2, ...
Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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I've just sent through the form a Mathematica command to calculate the
terms of A043569. It involves multiplying Mersenne numbers by powers
of 2 and sorting. It works but it's not terribly elegant.

Is there a recurrence relation for this sequence? I've tried several
different things along the lines of

a(1) = 2, a(n) = a(n -1) + log_2 a(n - 1) + log_2 a(n - 2) etc., etc.,

and they work except after a(n - 1) becomes a power of two, or before.
Any suggestions?

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