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I note that this has now been implemented.
I think it would be better to modify the implementation, however.  For example, if I search for "1,4,9", the squares now appear well down the list - because they have an initial 0.
What I would suggest is that, if the sequence being searched for has a value greater than 1, consider it to be an initial match if that matches the first value in the sequence that is greater than 1.  So "1,4,9" would be an initial match with "0,1,4,9,...", "1,1,4,9,...", but not "2,1,4,9,..." or "0,4,9,1,4,9,...".
(This ties in with the (computed) second value of the offset in the database.)
Franklin T. Adams-Watters
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I am leaning toward ranking matches starting at the beginning
of a sequence higher than matches in the middle, so that
the early matches sift to the top.
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