A112088 explanation

Rainer Rosenthal r.rosenthal at web.de
Mon Jul 10 11:46:39 CEST 2006

Dear SeqFan,

##### this is a repetition of my mail to seqfans at seqfan.net
##### I did not receive a copy, so I suspect this address
##### to be still "sleeping" ... I wrote:

Dear SeqFan,

there is a happy continuation of our recent discussion,
which lead to Graeme McRae's interesting formula.

Simon Strandgaard told me today about his construction:

The construction is nice. I think that the term "leave"
is not completely correct, as leaves are terminating
nodes in a tree. What Simon is counting, are the nodes
which have less than 2 edges as offspring.

I am in mail contact now with Simon and he will update
the discription soon. Then I will add my Josephus variant
also. (The nice thing was that counting the persons needed
for a Josephus game "Third-out" to have n rounds, I came
up with exactly that sequence A112088 of Simon Strandgaard.)

Best regards,
Rainer Rosenthal
r.rosenthal at web.de

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