OT ICM 2006

Tautócrona tautocrona at terra.es
Sat Jul 29 00:44:39 CEST 2006

Hi all:

I'm glad to confirm that I will be attending the ICM 2006, to celebrate in Madrid from
august 22  to august 29 , as a volunteer student. I will be placed in the "Internet &
Stands" zone. I don't know my working hours yet (I know they'll be half a day every day),
but if you want to contact with me those days, please write to me near the congress date
and I will have the exact data.

I hope I'll finally put a face to some internet friends :-)

Regards. Jose Brox
ambroxius at terra.es
MSN Messenger: artifex_ad_infinitum2 at hotmail.com

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