A023394 and the smallest undiscovered Fermat factor

David Wilson davidwwilson at comcast.net
Fri Jul 7 14:51:55 CEST 2006

When I created A023394, I got my list of Fermat divisors from the web page 
cited on the sequence, and confirmed completeness up to a(19) using a 
straightforward modular test.

I do not know if anyone maintains an official list of Fermat divisors, nor 
do I know of any rigorous bounds on the completeness of such a list beyond 
what I have established for A023394.

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Subject: A023394 and the smallest undiscovered Fermat factor

> SeqFans,
> A023394 claims that it is "complete up to a(19) = 1214251009".
> Can we be confident with the higher listed terms and remove the quoted
> claim from A023394 description?
> I've found an old discussion on the topic
> http://www.fermatsearch.org/forum/messages/52.html
> where Phil Moore suggested that "there are probably no more
> undiscovered Fermat factors
> less than 5704689200685129054721, the larger factor of F7". That was
> almost 5 years ago. What is the current sutiation?
> Max
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