asking for help in connection with a new sequence

Paul D. Hanna pauldhanna at
Tue Jul 18 09:54:58 CEST 2006

Sorry, when I typed: 
> Further, a formula for term T(2n+m-1,n), m>=0, (by inspection) is: 
> T(2n+3m),n+m) =  (2n+3m+1)/(3m+1) * [x^n] GF006605(x)^(3m+1)
it should have been:
Further, a formula for term T(2n+3m,n+m), m>=0, (by inspection) is:  
T(2n+3m,n+m) =  (2n+3m+1)/(3m+1) * [x^n] GF006605(x)^(3m+1)
But I think that this was clear from the examples. 

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