Duplication again..

Gordon Royle gordon at csse.uwa.edu.au
Wed Apr 11 08:26:33 CEST 2007

Oddly enough, those were the next sequences in my file. Here are some 
more straightforward dupes:

A114434 and A108815
A090459 and A090417
A122131 and A126896
A095156 and A099404

Here's my list of "possible" dupes, these may or may not be the same 
(I'd say they're probably not), but I don't know enough to say one way 
or the other:

A061433 and A069659
A106663 and A104775
A033553 and A050991
A056211 and A098673

Finally, there are a large number (well over half of the sequences I've 
reviewed) which are similar to A116133 and A116188, all by the same 
author. I wonder if there's some way to relate them.

    -Andrew Plewe-

Don Reble wrote:
>     I'm interested in the triplicate A051913, A066962, A067020.
>     (See also A125866.)
>     Can someone please explain what "constructed using conics" means?

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