2 questions: kth +integer which is coprime to j

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sequence if and only if:
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Subject: A068829 is an erroneous duplicate of A046869
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I just noticed that

%S A068829
%T A068829 191,197,211,223,227,239,251,257,263,269,277,281,307,311,331,347
%N A068829 Geometrically strong primes: primes which are larger than the
geometric mean of
           their neighbors.

is an erroneous version (it lacks a(2)=11) of

%S A046869 5,11,17,29,37,41,53,59,67,71,79,97,101,107,127,137,149,157,163,173,
%T A046869 179,191,197,211,223,227,239,251,257,263,269,277,281,307,311,331,347,
%U A046869 367,373,379,397,419,431,439,457,461,479,487,499,521,541
%N A046869 Good primes (version 1): p(n)^2 > p(n-1)*p(n+1).


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