Conjecture in A103200 settled

Ralf Stephan ralf at
Thu Aug 23 09:26:37 CEST 2007

There was a problem with my contribution to A103200:

%I A103200
%F A103200 a(2n) = (A105426(n)-1)/2, a(2n+1) = (A001090(n+2)-5*A001090(n+1)-1)/2.
%A A103200 Ralf Stephan, May 18 2007

The %A was an %E so confused Neil's software.

Also the formula was lost. Can it be added, please?

Thanks and apologies,

Yasutoshi said I was too quick in adding his sequences.
But look:  they were in a message to the seqfan mailing list,
formatted in the standard format:


and so on.

If you show me sequences like that, I must assume they are submitted
to the OEIS.


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