OEIS autoreply problem or Yahoo problem?

Jonathan Post jvospost3 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 21:13:46 CET 2007

I can't tell if, during the past 24 hours, there is a OEIS autoreply
problem or a Yahoo problem at one point or another in the "pipes."

Twice I sent sequences, by the usual form, based on some njas seqs.
In both cases, I got onscreen the autoreply that the seq had gone to
OEIS.  In both cases, I got no email, even after (as I say) roughly 24

Since this has happened before, I usually email myself a back-up copy
of the onscreen autoreplies.

This time, I've sent 2 emails to njas, explaining the problem, and
including the headers (to show exact times) and  back-up copy of the
onscreen autoreplies.

But now it occurs to me that he might not even have gotten the Yahoo
emails about the problem.

Has anyone else had anything of the kind?

More and more, I use gmail as my primary, and yahoo as secondary.  I
hardly ever check my older Haotmail (I can't find anything on its
primitve searches and preemptive confused sorting by date), let alone
my even older earthlink email application.  By the way, years after my
wife left her job at EarthLink, she still had her employee email.
Eventually they noticed.  When I was a manager at EarthLink, I was
offered free services, and eventually got recompenses for my web
domain, now 12 years old.  My EarthLink experience, and my work with
smaller ISPs and eCommerce companies, have given me insights in how
political decisions drive stupid engineering and indifferent customer
service, but this is not the venue for explaining in detail.

Jonathan, Seqfans:  I am caught up as far
as new submissions are concerned.  If you sent
a sequence and it is not in the database,
then either I rejected it or it never reached me.


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