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Thu Feb 15 17:56:56 CET 2007

"Hola" to all:
I am a recent member of this list.
 I have 8 contributions in the Data base and others waiting.

I am not mathematician, I do not speak English (I am not a "genius child"
neither,  my age is 53 years old).
My contributions to the data base  has been related to prime numbers.
For these sequences I work principally with "Excel" for "Windows" and
something of Visual Basic for applications (VBA).
I write this e-mail hoping not to importune or to make lose time to anybody.

The intention of this communication is the following one:
In my "games" with prime numbers I am thinking about having found foundation
for a new conjecture about primes numbers that might be important and if
probably some mathematician manages to prove  it maybe obtain a important
The fact is that I might be mistaken or to be giving simply turned to a
trivial procedure  or yet known by the mathematical science.
 I have proven the (conjecture) procedure, algorithm or formula for all the
prime numbers smaller to 2 million (2 - 1997173) and it is true for all
these numbers.
My PC and the software do not allow me to advance further on.
I look for:   some of the experts of the list or several of them or all
altogether whom want to study this idea and to try to prove it or to reject
it like false.
I do not know if the rules of the list allow this class of communications;
if it is forbidden, I apollogize.
Tomas Xordan
(software translation)
P.S.: I am from Colombia (South America) my native lanaguage is spanish.
xordan at
xordan_co at
xordan.tom at
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