the problematical A126937

Jonathan Post jvospost3 at
Mon Mar 19 07:23:08 CET 2007

Why doesn't the problematical A126937:

(1) reference Weisstein, Eric W. "Dragon Curve." From MathWorld--A
Wolfram Web Resource. or
any of the 14 citations given there?

(2) cross-reference A003460 or A014577?

(3) cross-reference any of the seqs for Ulam spiral?

(4) What are we to make of the pseudo-cross refs to A987654, A987655?

There may well be a decent sequence struggling in there trying to get
out, but the lack of formula or reference or cross-reference makes it
hard to tell.

Is it really a good use of seqfans' time to attempt to
reverse-engineer poorly defined sequences? This is a voluntary
activity, of course, and I've done so myself.  Far be it from be to
dissuade consenting adults.

Yet more care in definitions would seem desired, and njas is certainly
polite in hinting at this to authors.

Jonathan,   thanks for your comments on A126937.  Please


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