Possible Permutations With Mod

Ferenc Adorjan fadorjan at freemail.hu
Sun Mar 25 23:02:57 CEST 2007

Hi again,

I have found some explanation: if you look at the referred plot at A004648,
you can see, that the curve of the sequence consists of arks of increasing
hight. I have plotted it up to 140000 and it turned out that there is an
arch starting around 40000 going up to around 100000 and the next new arch
starts somewhat above 100000, thus no new small number shows up in the
sequence between 50000 and 100000. By computing the A004648 further up to
120000, then several elements of the previously listed numbers disappear, e.
g. 45,127,163,181 etc. This may be (or probably is) the indication to the
feature, that with every new "arch" in the sequence some of the previously
small missing numbers show up.

There is no such "indication" in relation to the other three sequences,
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