double payam numbers

Joshua Zucker joshua.zucker at
Fri May 11 18:02:31 CEST 2007

I just saw a message that mentioned double payam numbers, and I don't
see them in OEIS anywhere.

I think what the term is supposed to mean is a number that is both an
E+ and an E-.

In other words, rather than for each n putting the smallest E+ as in
A083391 or the smallest E- as in A083556, put the smallest number that
is simultaneously an E+ and an E-.

If I had any idea how to go about calculating those, I'd be happy to
submit the "double Payam" sequence, but I don't know how to calculate

Would anyone else like to compute&submit, or give me some pointers on
how I could compute them myself?

--Joshua Zucker

Maximilian Hasler
>However, the first sequences I get for "keyw:more author:quet" are the

In my defense, I usually submit a variety of types of sequences (although 
most are recursions, I bet). Maybe there is something more interesting 
further down the list.


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