Follow-up on a prior duplicate

Andrew Plewe aplewe at
Sun May 6 09:43:50 CEST 2007

Just curious, while going through my submissions I noticed that A123481 
exists but is now a much different sequence, was that A-number released 
to be used for a new entry after the prior sequence was edited? For 
reference, its terms used to be the same as A076715. I believe both were 
merged with A029549, and the old definition for A123481 was added as 
this comment:

'Coefficients of the series giving the best rational approximations to 
sqrt(8). The partial sums of the series 3 - 1/a(1) - 1/a(2) - 1/a(3) - 
... give the best rational approximations to sqrt(8) = 2 sqrt(2), which 
constitute every second convergent of the continued fraction. The 
corresponding continued fractions are [2;1,4,1], [2;1,4,1,4,1], 
[2;1,4,1,4,1,4,1], [2;1,4,1,4,1,4,1,4,1] and so forth. - Gene Ward Smith 
(genewardsmith(AT), Sep 30 2006'

Most of the other sequences I've looked up that were merged were 
shortened (which prevents them from showing up again in a lexical match 
search) and the keyword "dead" was added. This one threw me for a loop 
when I went back to verify that it had been resolved. Thanks!

    -Andrew Plewe-

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