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Fri May 11 18:53:17 CEST 2007

--- "N. J. A. Sloane" <njas at research.att.com> wrote:

> Very important:  when you look up a sequence to
> see if it is in the OEIS, 
> leave off the first couple of terms  (because people
> may choose
> a different start)
> and
> don't enter too many terms  (if you have more than
> are in the OEIS, you won't get a match unless
> you use Superseeker)
> It says this in the "hints".
> Neil

Also we read in "hints":

 "If your sequence has an obvious common factor (e.g.
2 6 12 20 30 42 ...) try dividing it out and look up 1
3 6 10 15 21 instead."

In view of this, shouldn't we remove, e.g.,  

A097697 = A049422/2, and 
A083022 = A028873/2
I see in OEIS many sequences  of the forms
A1 -/+ const, A1/const, A1*const, etc.

Though, sure, some of them may be of (some) essence.

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