Sequences needing more terms: high-value targets?

Jon Schoenfield jonscho at
Wed May 16 03:58:37 CEST 2007

Pardon me for jumping in ... but I'm not understanding something here.

> This is as I understand it also. However, sometimes one fails to
> remark a simple pattern. E.g. for
> :
> I suspect that the next terms are
> 32645356640144805339103579127542660095683,
> 1065719310162246533488642668727242229836115845084364968718962458406456800068819599

How could this be?  A058429 is defined as "Numbers n such that n^2 contains 
only digits {0,3,4}, not ending with zero" ... but the square of each of 
these two proposed terms begins with the digit 1.  (Was some other sequence 
than A058429 intended here?)


-- Jon

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