Correction Re: duplicate hunting, pt. 16

Ralf Stephan ralf at
Thu May 17 09:03:43 CEST 2007

> > A096299 and A110382 (possibility noted in comments for A110382)
> Definitely not because A110382(1023) = 1234567900 which is not in
> lexicographic order. BTW, the g.f. of A110382 is
> %F A110382 G.f.: 1/(1+x) * Sum{k>=0, (10^(k+1)-1)/9 * x^2^k/(1+x^2^k) }.

Make that

%F A110382 G.f.: 1/(1-x) * Sum{k>=0, (10^(k+1)-1)/9 * x^2^k/(1+x^2^k) }.

and the sequence is not base, only the orig. definition is!


Straightforward duplicates:

A087852 and A087853
A101405 and A117279
A100675 and A124072
A097874 and A097885
A107450 and A107451
A123202 and A123203
A122505 and A122507
A094055 and A094056
A091524 and A091525

Possible duplicates:

A087839 and A106742|id:A106742

A076725 and A114951|id:A114951

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