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On 5/21/07, Max Alekseyev <maxale at gmail.com> wrote:

> >  My guess from a google search is this may be from "The USSR Olympiad
> > Problem Book : Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics" by
> > D. O. Shklarsky, N. N. Chentzov, and I. M. Yaglom (Paperback - Sep 28 1993),
> > however I do not possess a copy.
> The original russian version of this book is freely available at:
> http://ilib.mccme.ru/djvu/bib-mat-kr/shk-1.htm (vol. 1: number theory)
> http://ilib.mccme.ru/djvu/bib-mat-kr/shk-2.htm (vol. 2: planimetry)
> http://ilib.mccme.ru/djvu/bib-mat-kr/shk-3.htm (vol. 3: stereometry)
> But the problem 157 there has nothing to do with the problem mentioned above.

Heh. Jeremy, your reference is correct. To check that out just go to
search 157 inside the book, and click onto Page 36 in the search results.

So, English translation is somewhat different from Russian original.


Jeremy, i think the [sequence of decimal digits of the]
number is in the OEIS.

Let S be the set of positive integers that, when written in
base 10, does not contain the digit 9. Show that
the sum of 1/n over all n = =91 S converges and is less than 80.

As I recall, Bob Wilson (rgwv) was involved in
computing it, or extending it. - Bob?


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