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I spent most of the 80's working on an AI project that
was aimed at integrating adaptive sequential learning
with logical modeling or theorem proving capacities.
This was initially done in UT Lisp amd then ported
over to Turbo Pascal when some magazine pundit or
other said that AI was dead -- and so our local
systems administrators naturally up and dumped
Lisp off our university mainframe.  Good Times.

One of the very first data sets that I typed into the
sequence indexer module was naturally an initial segment
of Sloane's old ''Handbook of Integer Sequences'' (1973).

I'm still working at documenting the program properly,
currently at the Centiare Directory site, located here:

If anybody is looking for a programming project, webicizing the
basic algorithems and data structures, which, in my humble opinion,
are still quite exotic even to this day, then I'd be pleased as punch
to tell you everything that I know about it.

Many Regards,

Jon Awbrey

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