Searching for equations

Jonathan Post jvospost3 at
Fri Oct 19 22:22:34 CEST 2007

So many formats for equations online, since the Knuth Revolution, of
which MathML gives particularly nice results on, for instance the
n-Category Cafe website. Should these be reverse engineered and
searched in order of how widely used, or how nice the equations are to
seqfans and OEIS?  Good question; ill-formed, IMHO.

On 10/19/07, Max Alekseyev <maxale at> wrote:
> Take a look at EqWorld website:
> Max
> On 10/19/07, Andrew Plewe <aplewe at> wrote:
> > Are there any good resources out there for searching the web for equations?
> > I've suggested this once or twice on Google's public comments section.
> > Perhaps it's not a large enough subset of the searching public to warrant
> > putting in the effort. Anyways, I will often run across equations that seem
> > so simple that I suspect there must be more information out there about
> > them. Being able to search effectively for these expressions would save me a
> > lot of time.
> >
> >         -Andrew Plewe-
> >
> >
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