Counting equivalent expressions

David Wilson dwilson at
Thu Aug 21 18:33:17 CEST 2008

Mitch Harris wrote:
> [My quote elided]
> Unordered binary trees? Double factorial...
> Not obvious (but if memory serves, not a terrible combinatorial
> explanation, see Stanley reference)
The light went on when I read your note. There would be (2n-2)!/(n-1)! 
trees each with with n leaves and n-1 interior nodes. Each of these 
interior nodes could be flipped in one of two orders by commutativity, 
so that's 2^(n-1) trees per equivalence class, or (2n-2)!/(2^n (n-1))! 
equivalence classes. I'm not sure I've got it exactly right, but this is 
close enough to the double factorial expression that I'm willing to take 
your word.

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